Bone Juice

I’m at yet another hospital appointment this afternoon. Today it’s my monthly top up of ‘bone juice’, zometa or zoledronic acid as its most formally known. I like to think I’m like the Duracell bunny – top me up and off I go again for another 4 weeks!! 

I arrive at the hospital an hour before my appt time for a blood test that will check that all my blood levels are behaving. The results get fast tracked (in an hour) to the chemo unit and I kill time either in the cafe (eating cinnamon buns!) or in the chemo suite waiting room where the lovely volunteers make me endless cups of tea and ply me with biscuits!! 

I’m a people watcher but I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness looking around knowing that everyone is here for the same reason. Either going through gruelling treatment or a loved one sitting, watching helplessly. I also attract the odd ‘raised eyebrow’ -probably because I’m the youngest one here by about 40 years. 

When I get called through, I get comfy in a big chair, with pillows if I want. I’m given swabs for my nose and groin, checking for MRSA. I have my temperature and blood pressure checked. There’s a new check, weight – just what I want to be told every 4 weeks!! But, woohoo – I’ve lost 4lbs!!! 

I have a portacath which makes everything so much easier – no trying to find a vein to cannulate!! One of the nurses plugs me in, hooks me up and away we go. The actual drip takes 15 minutes but my port has to be flushed through before and after so, all in all, it takes about 25 minutes. Add that to the hours wait (and more because I never go in on time!) plus travelling time and I’m usually gone for 4 hours or so. 

plugged in
zometa and saline drips
close up !!

I rely on friends or Gracie to collect Daisy from school. I plan an easy dinner because I’m usually pretty tired by the time I get home. It’s pj’s and chill before an early night. So I’m ready for whatever tomorrow brings. 

4 thoughts on “Bone Juice”

  1. I don’t know how you do it Emma. The trivial shit i moan about and then i read your blog or fb status and think, look what others are going through!

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