Midnight walking

Last night I took part in the Hospice of St Francis midnight walk. I was supported, as always, by a team of fantastic friends. I couldn’t do it without them. 

I only did the 5 miles and realistically that was all I could have done. It was much more of a struggle last night than when I did the half marathon. I think the fact it was way past my bedtime didn’t help! Plus my hip has been giving me jip for a few days. 

The atmosphere was fantastic. The theme was ‘glow for it’ and glow we did!! Everyone made such an effort and some of the costumes were amazing. We were given chocolate (which I scoffed before mile 1 was out!), glow sticks, water and at the halfway point, mint cake. Dan scoffed 2 of these and then spent the 2.5 miles back feeling rather nauseous!! 

We got back in about 2hrs 25 minutes, not that I’m bothered about time. Slow and steady. The bacon roll and cuppa was a welcome sight (even if there wasn’t any brown sauce Michelle). 

The thing that struck me the most was the ‘message’ wall. Everyone pinned their messages from their t-shirts to the wall and it was just so poignant. A time to reflect. It really blew everything else out of the water. 

It makes you realise not just what’s important, but who. 

Lots of love xx

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