Something happens not long after you get a cancer diagnosis. Not only does your life change drastically, so does your attitude. You get this kind of ‘I’m invincible’ (?!?! If only!!) air about you. You don’t take no shit from anyone. You live in a bubble made of denial. You no longer sweat the small stuff. And you truly don’t give a rats arse about anything much (children not included). All that matters is that you’re happy. And I am. 

I’ve always been a bit ‘attitudey’. A tough cookie (but soft on the inside – shhhh don’t tell anyone!). Its helped get me through my fair share of crap over the years. But it was being told I have secondary breast cancer that really tipped me over the edge of the ‘give a fuck’ cliff. 

Maybe it’s a coping mechanism. Or maybe it’s because, actually, deep down, I really do give a fuck.