I’m really fucking pissed off. I’m trying my hardest to get Daisy the help she needs and we are currently seeing someone at CAMHS. There is a rough 6 month waiting list before you get to see anyone. 

The people in the know are telling me Daisy has autistic ‘traits’ and I know, deep down that this is probably the case. The meltdowns she has and the things that kick them off are not ‘normal’. While no parent wants their child ‘diagnosed’ or ‘labelled’, it will benefit her in the long run, especially where her schooling is concerned. 

Now this is why I’m so pissed off. 

Trying to get other ‘people’ (her Dad) to understand is another bloody struggle. He has just told me he can’t make tomorrow’s appointment. He has known about it for 4 weeks. I get the earliest time (9-10am) so that it doesn’t take too much time out of his working day. It’s the same old excuse as the last appointment, which he also cancelled the night before – too busy!! The reason he has 4 weeks notice is so that he doesn’t book work in. It’s not rocket science is it?!!!! 
The mans a fucking waste of space. And I just told him exactly that. 

Why does he not take it seriously? He’s just not interested. I ask for help and he says no. I’ve nicknamed him ‘bare miniman’ because he does the bare minimum. 

Life is so fucking unfair. I struggle day to day with tiredness, aching joints and the mind boggling, fucked up fact that I have incurable cancer and will die sooner rather than later. Yet I still muster the strength to be a good mum, put my children first every time, run the house and deal with Daisy. 

People call me inspirational but it’s bullshit isn’t it. Because I don’t actually have a choice in the matter. I have to get on with everything that is thrown at me. On my own. It’s a constant uphill battle. 

I’ll tell you what is inspirational…the fact that I’m still sane and haven’t hired a hitman. Yet!! 




5 thoughts on “**SWEARY RANT**”

  1. I call the kids dad 1/2 a Job..ling. Always leaving stuff half finished. Also men don’t like to hear there is something not quite right with their offspring as it means it was probably their little swimmers that had the dodgy chromosome! Unacceptable!
    PS: we could go halves on a hit man!
    You are fab,don’t forget it! Xx

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  2. Hunny I’m having the same struggles. My eldest (15) has been under CAMHS since he was 5 due to an ADHD diagnosis, his dad’s attended NO appointments in all that time. And now he’s married and got other kids he don’t want to know his first born. Only on a family occasion that my boys invited to and they happen to be there at the same time.
    My youngest (6) is on the list for CAMHS because I was told he has attachment disorder and autistic traits. We’ve been waiting a year now and they don’t ever move their Arse. I’m constantly at meetings or on the phone arranging the meetings/appointments.
    I do it all alone also and I’m exhausted mentally and physically.
    Perhaps we should have coffee and a bloody good moan together and get it all out there!

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