Floatation Therapy

I have just had one of the most relaxing experiences ever!! It’s called floatation therapy and a 1 hour float is the equivalent to 4 hours sleep. The water is 25cms deep and contains 525kg of magnesium rich Epsom salts. 

I was shown into a room that had what I could only describe as some weird spaceship in it – it was actually the floatation tank. It’s like a huge bath with a lid and colour changing mood lights. 

After being run through the do’s and dont’s, I was left to put my swim wear on and have a quick shower. It’s important to dry your face well before getting in because the Epsom salts can crystallise quickly. I opened the lid and climbed in. 

The water was warm and my legs were already wanting to float. I closed the lid – it felt a little claustrophobic but then I remembered that I’m a hardened MRI expert and being enclosed in one of those is much worse!! 

I pressed the button on the side to choose my light setting – I went for the Northern Light option (seeing those is on my bucket list). I laid back and it took me a good few minutes to find a comfortable float position. I started with my hands behind my head but didn’t feel as though I was completely relaxed so I changed position and just had my arms at the side of my body. Tbh, my limbs kind of found their own comfy position, my head lolled backwards and I floated quite happily for the duration. 

It was an odd experience. I went in with a busy brain, thinking of 101 things that I need to do/buy/tidy. Once I was floating I found it extremely difficult to think of anything. It was like my brain had completely shut down and was also enjoying the sensation. 

Before I knew it, the music signalling 5 minutes started playing and that was the end of my float. I could have laid there all day! 

Getting out wasn’t very graceful! I’d been weightless for the last hour so I had to haul myself over the side and into the shower to wash the salts off before I resembled some sort of salty statue! 

It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be going back. 


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