I haven’t blogged for a while and I’m well aware that a lot of my blogs are written when I’m feeling a little sad and struggling with life.  Blogging at those times is like therapy. This blog is different. This blog is HAPPY!!!! 

Life is good. I can ‘do’ my eyebrows and they don’t look like slugs – whoop!! Might have to get up half hour earlier everyday though. 

I love it when I feel like this. It’s like I have a little glow inside me and I can feel my eyes sparkling. Or that could be the 3 disaronnos I’ve just drunk 😉. 

I had my first singing lesson this week. I’ve driven the girls mad with my constant singing but Adele didn’t get to the top without practise! My song of the week (I’ve sung it over and over and over) is Another Suitcase in Another Hall from Evita. It’s a belter and I love it! Not sure yet where I’m going with this but I reckon karaoke is calling 😂. 

A few people have mentioned that I’m always busy and they’d be right. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that that’s how I like it. Not busy = thinking time, thinking time = a place I don’t want to go. There will come a time when I need to slow down but until then I shall continue with what I’m doing – the gym, my charity work, singing and volunteering at Willow. It’s how I stay sane. 

It’s a funny old world but all you can do is embrace it. Have fun and don’t take no shit. 

Lots of love xx