On Tuesday I had a rather long MRI scan. I was in there for 75 mins – my longest one so far! I had a full body scan and also a brain scan which meant I needed contrast injecting into my arm. 

You’d think I’d be used to needles by now but each time I’m stabbed with one, it hurts more. I shed a tear on Tuesday because it hurt. Lots. The reason being is that I can only use the vein in my right arm and, as the very lovely nurse explained, that vein is getting tougher and tougher the more it’s used. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even have a bruise!!! 

Lying in the scanner is weird and not very comfy. I’m strapped down and my head is in this cage thing. I’m given an alarm to press if I need to but I never have. I get to listen to music on oversized headphones that always leave marks where they’re so tight. Not that you can hear the music – the scanner is so loud! I once got told off for singing because I wasn’t lying still enough 😂. 

I start off with my eyes tightly shut and try to think of anything other than where I am but then I’ll get brave and open my eyes. The scanner is about 2 inches in front of my face. There’s a badly placed mirror on the cage thing that’s meant to look out the end of the scanner to a picture of dolphins. It doesn’t help so I’d recommend just keeping your eyes shut! 

I always get the shakes at the end of the scan. Or, on Tuesday, just after I’d had the contrast injected. Not an easy thing when you’re being told to keep as still as possible! It’s then a matter of taking a couple of deep breaths and trying to chill. 

I now have the 2 week wait for results – know as scanxiety. Trying not to worry but filled with dread in case my luck is up. Trying to stay busy but not really wanting to do anything. My life is on track ATM, I’m really happy and it’s almost Christmas. What’s the betting that’s about to go tits up!! Sods law isn’t it.