It’s getting hot in here!! 

I’ve just been to the L&D for a routine echocardiogram- an ultrasound scan of my heart ❤️. I usually dread these appointments because there is one doctor…..I won’t say anymore but I thanked the lord it wasn’t him!! 

For the first time, in like, EVER I had a dishy, young doctor. And boy did I make it obvious!! I was trying so hard not to swoon that I completely missed his name, it could have be Juan, or maybe John. Oh well, names are not important are they?! 

Firstly I tittered when he asked me to take my top things off and lay on the bed (I wasn’t thinking wow what a thing to be asked 🤔) (I’ve obviously been single far too long!) Secondly, I accidentally exposed a nipple rolling over onto my side. Thirdly, I was getting very, very hot. I mean, obviously because I was laying next to a radiator. Not because I was blushing wildly. Fourthly (yes that is a word!!) I got tangled up in the hand held scanner thingymajig and managed to swipe the gel clean off it and all over my hand. I mean come on, give a girl a break!! 

I managed to mutter that I’m not normally this clumsy although I’m not sure he believed me. 

I was quite upset when he told me we were finished but I hid my tears well. Shame I didn’t hear the directions he gave me for the exit. I looked a right muppet walking into the linen cupboard!!! 


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