What a week!

It’s been a funny old week. It started off quite mundane on Monday. I went to the gym, did a bit of housework. Tuesday I was in and out all day. I had a hospital appointment at the L&D, then gracie had an orthodontist appointment at Watford General, I popped into town and then later that afternoon I drove to St Albans to do a little talk for my gym about the Move More scheme that I’m part of. I certainly covered some miles. 

I started the day (Tuesday) with a period like tummy ache, dull and very low. I was a little worried because I don’t have periods anymore. As the day went on the pain went right around my middle and into my back. I didn’t feel great and by the time I got to picking Daisy up from school, I could barely stand straight or walk. I text my neighbour and she told me to ring the GP, so I did. 

I had to go straight there and on examination she decided quite quickly that I had appendicitis. She wanted to call an ambulance there and then but I needed to sort the girls out so she agreed to order the ambulance and get them to collect me from home. 

I got to A&E pretty much doubled over in pain. The triage nurse asked me my pain score out of 10 – I said 16!! I’ve got quite a high pain threshold but boy did this hurt. My temperature was high which indicated that I had an infection, so I was cannulated and given iv antibiotics, paracetamol and morphine. Morphine is great!! 

I got put on a ward and was told I’d be having my appendix out the next day. I hardly slept. I had observations (blood pressure, oxygen levels, temp) done every 2 hours and was having iv fluids through the night. I signed the consent form for surgery at 2.30am!! 

The surgeon came round at about 9am and told me that I was on the emergency list for my operation. I was pretty nervous at that point. I went down at 12.30 and met the anaesthetist. The next thing I remember is waking up crying – and I mean absolutely balling. The guy opposite me kept asking if I was ok. I felt like death warmed up, my throat was ‘thick’ and sore and I felt nauseous. After a while I was taken back up to the ward, where I promptly threw up in a cardboard bowl. 

Fast forward to today. I got moved to ward 34 which is where my cancer story started almost 3 yrs ago. It’s bought back some memories but it’s also reunited me with some of the nurses that looked after me then. 

I’m a little sore but apart from that I’m feeling ok. I’ve made friends with the 3 ladies in my ward and we’ve chatted about anything and everything – men, number 2’s, farting, cloud formations(?!!). I even tried to convince them to have a disco!! We’ve had some right laughs today, albeit painful ones!! I’m going to miss them when I leave. 

I’ve managed to eat a little more than custard thanks to Gracie and Rosie bringing me supplies. And I just had a pork and stuffing sarnie, washed down with a hot chocolate, thanks to my lovely nurse. 

I’m going home tomorrow but I’ve really enjoyed the rest. Bit of a drastic way to go about getting some I know!! Considering dipping the thermometer in my tea in the morning, Carry On style!! 

My new chums are all snoring gently and I’ve had my last lot of meds for the day so I’m going to get my head down too. 

You have to laugh don’t you xx

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