Doing it

I had treatment today. Zometa is an intravenous infusion I have that helps to strengthen my bones. Fondly known as bone juice. I have had it every 4 weeks since the beginning of my journey and it’s just become a routine part of my life. It’s a dull and tiring day but a necessity. Today my appointments have been changed to every 6 weeks as being on Zometa long term isn’t all that good for you and you can end up with some pretty horrible side effects. 

I’ve been going to the chemo unit for almost 3 years now and have formed some amazing relationships with my chemo nurses. They hold my hand, listen to me moan and put up with my (frequent) crying!! They’re always run off their feet but they always make time to sit with those who need them, for as long as they need.

I think all the chemo nurses are amazing but I do have a favourite. She’s the nurse I was first introduced to on that scary first day of chemo. She showed me around the chemo suite and explained what would happen each week. She told me about my hair falling out, the sickness, the loss of appetite, the side effects. I was so scared but she sat with me the entire time during my first session. 

She has been there for me. I have shared everything with her. 

We were reminiscing today. She said that she can’t help but get attached to certain patients. I’m one of them. It really meant a lot to me. She made me think about my journey so far and she made me realise that I’m actually doing a pretty good job of everything. To be told you’re doing amazingly is just the best thing. A few words can mean such a lot. Recognition. 

Considering they didn’t think I was going to make Christmas 2014, I think I’ve done alright!! I thought about everything I’ve done since then. For myself.  For the kids. For charity. All I wanted was to keep life as normal as possible for the kids and to raise awareness of SBC. I will keep doing both for as long as possible. 

I feel proud of myself today. Proud of everything I’ve done and all I’ve achieved. Proud that even during the dark days, I’m still doing it – whatever ‘it’ is. 


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