This is a letter for the two ladies that  had just seen Adele at Wembley Stadium (28/6) and were in the queue for the 10.54, platform 5 train at Wembley Central. The train was going in the direction of Milton Keynes. 

I discreetly spoke to a member of staff at the station to explain to them that I would struggle to stand in the (very long) queue that had been formed outside because I have secondary breast cancer. I also told her that I have a card that proves my disability for moments just like this. 

The member of staff was happy to let myself, my daughter and my daughters friend, jump in to the front of the queue – just in front of where you were standing. You however, weren’t so happy. 

You’re lucky that I didn’t hear what you said. You’re lucky because I would have turned around and educated you on exactly what secondary breast cancer is. 

Your ignorant comment and I quote “it’s only breast cancer, it’s not in your legs” has infuriated me and I mean really infuriated me – I’m spitting feathers!! I’ve got home and instead of crawling into my bed to recover from my night out, I’m penning this letter to you. 

For your information, my ‘breast cancer’ is in my legs. In fact it’s in every single bone in my body. So when I explained to the staff member that I would struggle to stand, I wasn’t making it up!! 

I’m not sure who you are or which medical school you were trained at but you need to do some homework – I’ve added a link to help –Secondary breast cancer is also known as metastatic breast cancer. It’s the worst one you can get – stage 4. 

How dare you judge me. I know you thought I was pulling a fast one. People like you are the reason I carry ‘proof’ of my illness. People like you disgust me. 

14 thoughts on “FYI”

  1. So angry reading this ….
    That saying ….never judge a book by its cover !!! We have no idea what others are going through ..
    I am so sorry your experienced this Emma .
    I once experienced something similar in m and s toilets there was a huge que for ladies and I suffer with a bowel condition and really needed to go quickly so I went into the disabled where nobody was waiting to go in .
    On my way out I was met by a delightful lady who said very loud … ” I think you will find that is a disabled toilet for disabled people and you are clearly not disabled are you ! ” I was so shocked I asked her how the hell she knew what was wrong with me or what wasn’t wrong with me , she had no idea … So I suggested she kept her opinions to her self ! I then went out of store in tears as was so embarrassed as the que was huge …

    Disabled doesn’t always mean sat in wheelchair .

    Think people before you judge and more importantly think before you open your mouth !!!!

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  2. Oh Em, I’m sorry that people can be so thoughtless, hurtful and spiteful.
    Perhaps they are some of the very few people in this world whose lives have not been touched by cancer.
    I’m sure if they had they wouldn’t have made such pointlessly hurtful comments.
    Small mindedness at the “inconvenience” of it all is no excuse.
    I am sorry that they have taken the shine away from what I hope was a wonderful evening.
    Love you my darling xxx

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  3. I don’t have the words (well polite ones anyway) to respond to this! But I’m a great believer in what goes around comes around….the sooner the better for these two despicable human beings! Stay strong lovely lady……I’m so sorry you and your daughter had to endure this! ❤️❤️

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  4. I had heard you had been a victim of this ignorant, hurtful and disgusting remark!
    Disabilities come in all shapes and forms which this know it all should indeed know as they obviously know everything about everyone! Any body battling cancer or any other invisible disease should not have to deal with this! Unfortunately there are those in the world that feel they know everything and feel they can say what they like.
    I only hope they never experience what you and many others have sadly encountered and if they do they hang their heads in shame when they realise what they’ve themselves put you through! Stay strong and know not everyone is as heartless as this piece of s**t!!

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  5. Hi Emma, so sorry that you had to endure such a moronic, hurtful and ignorant comment. Your experience of such an upsetting situation regarding your metastatic cancer, a challenging illness that is as exhausting and debilitating as it is disabling and harrowing, should never have happened in the first place.

    In this day and age – with a near infinite wealth of information at our fingertips – social media’s unending streams, threads and videos along with charity advertisements and awareness campaigns – we are constantly being “educated” about “everything” health and medical.

    The lady who rattled off her unthinkingly cretinous comment may not have been touched IRL by cancer but that doesn’t excuse her vituperative words and deep down she should, NO, Does know better.

    Just because one cannot spot an obvious disability within 5 seconds of clapping eyes on someone, I doesn’t give a person carte blanche to reel off a tirade of perjorative and judgmental slander. Likewise, you once upon a time didn’t have cancer and perhaps had misgivings about the reality of people’s conditions. I think it would have been a win-win, if you had swallowed your anger and indignation and deliver a masterclass of education to hear – such as your perfect blogs thus far young you’d further climb to the top of the moral high ground! Therefore going home with the world a better place, your “new-friend” freashly corrected and educated and you in a brilliantly positive frame of mind – having don something awesome,

    Keep it up, back in a month,


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