And so it begins..

Today I turn 39. 

Lots of people dread their birthday at this point in their lives because the next milestone is the big 4, 0. No one wants to turn 40. 40 is old!! 

Not me though. I feel as though every birthday I have seen for the past 3 years has been a blessing. Doctors didn’t expect me to get to my 37th birthday but here I am alive and kicking and about to throw myself into a year of fun challenges, ending next year with a huge 40th birthday party. 

My ’40 things before I’m 40′ came about after a couple of my ‘secondary’ friends on YBCN (younger breast cancer network) did a similar thing. 

I put a post on my local community Facebook page asking for suggestions for things to do and the response was phenomenal – so many people commented. There were some great ideas and it took a long time to go through them all, choose 40 and finalise the list:

I’m still really overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from everyone. I can’t quite believe it to be honest. I’ve even set up a Facebook group after quite a lot of people messaged me to say they’d like to follow my adventures over the next year. Personally, I don’t think I’m all that interesting and I’m sure they’ll all get bored soon 😉😆

Thanks to the community, I’ve already started organising some of the challenges. I start horse (not any old horse – a beautiful friesian called Missy) riding tomorrow and Tuesday sees me host my first show on Radio Dacorum I even have my own jingle –

Being told you have Secondary breast cancer is the pits. It’s scary. It’s tough. It’s lonely – those Macmillan ads were spot on! It changes your life completely. Its always in the back of your mind and it’s the reason I’m hell bent on living my life. I’m turning it on it’s head and showing it who’s the boss!! 

This is the link to my group. Feel free to join and follow my next year 

I’d also like to thank my two best friends, Michelle and Becca, for all of their help and support, not only with my 40 things challenge but life in general – I couldn’t do it without you xx