Alrighty then..

People really should consider what they say to people before they say it. I mean, I know that things get said in the heat of the moment but what happened to me on Friday night was different. I was subjected to a barrage of verbal abuse by a lady I don't know other than her being in my '40 things' group. She also chose to do this publicly, on another group I so happen to be an admin of – she didn't realise this when she posted!!

The lady in question very kindly said that I could use her caravan in Norfolk for a week in August. She told me she only lets it out to family and was happy to see it being used as it, and I quote, 'sits empty way too much'. Great stuff.

I was looking forward to the break, a change of scenery is always good and as I couldn't afford a holiday this year, it was working out well. We sent a few Facebook messages back and forth and I thanked her for her kind offer.

But then, last week, I found out that my car was being taken away. This kind of changed everything for me and I spent the next couple of days in tears, trying to weigh everything up. I decided that the holiday wasn't a necessity and that the money I would've spent over the week would be better going towards trying to get insured on my daughters car or public transport. I was gutted.

I messaged the lady and apologised for not being able to make it. I explained my reasons why and she replied 'thanks for letting me know'. I thought that was it. I was wrong, very wrong.

The next evening, Friday, she posted in the group that she's not doing anymore good deeds because she'd been let down by someone (me). I commented on her post and explained again that I was sorry and my reasons for not being able to go. She then released a whole barrage of abuse on me. Apparently I use the cancer card to be 'an ungrateful bitch'! I'm thoughtless, ungrateful and selfish. I'm also a brat who 'thrives on using their illness to get attention'. Apparently other people will get wise to me, like she has.

I'm not sure that I deserved this much abuse over not being able to use her caravan as planned.

Her words have stung though and have made me feel as though I need to explain myself and question myself. I'm feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment anyway so it doesn't take much to knock me. But, after dwelling on it the past couple of days I've decided that this blog will be the end of it and I have one thing to say…….