Breast cancer isn’t a game!

Every year is the same. Someone starts circulating those stupid Facebook games that supposedly raise awareness of breast cancer.

You know the ones – post a piece of fruit to show your relationship status or post a make believe holiday destination which is determined by your birth date. But, and this is the all important rule……don’t tell the men?!!!!!

I mean really!! I can’t tell you how incensed these games make me and have posted many times on my Facebook page, asking – no telling, my friends not to send me invites to play. But still, some do.

It’s not that I’m boring or have no sense of humour. I just don’t find these games appropriate. Cancer isn’t a game.

Cancer is real and it’s devastating. Cancer strips families of their loved ones. Friends lose friends. I should know – I’m living with secondary breast cancer and will eventually succumb to it. I’ve lost many friends.

These games supposedly raise awareness but I want to know how? Do they show the correct way to feel your boobs? Do they make you aware of the subtle changes that might happen to your breast? Do they even make you think of cancer?

The answer is no.

Maybe, for a fleeting second you think you’re doing a great thing , girl power and all that. You probably know someone who has had a diagnosis and think it looks good taking part. It doesn’t.

And why can’t the men be involved? They are also at risk of breast cancer. They’re also likely to feel anything untoward whilst having a fondle of yours!

Anyone diagnosed or indeed living with a breast cancer diagnosis would much rather you shared graphics of how to check yourself – TLC – Touch, Look, Check. We’d much rather you share videos from breast cancer charities. We’d much rather you shared the reality of breast cancer.

So, next time you get invited to take part, maybe stop and think. I’m not suggesting you can’t play along, each to their own and all that, but how much awareness is it honestly raising??


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