What a year!

I turned 40 last week and have finally come down from the cloud I’ve been floating about on. I was so overwhelmed by the love and support and felt incredibly lucky.

I have had the best year and I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, helped me tick off something on my list and just followed my antics – it truly means a lot.

My 40 things list was finalised whilst sitting in the pub with my two best friends (there may have been cocktails involved – obvs!) and the idea was to set myself challenges that I’d never done before.

Some were relatively easy to arrange and others took a little more planning. Some I couldn’t have done without the generosity of strangers.

People ask me if I have a favourite but I don’t think I do. I’ve had a whale of a time and each challenge has been completely different.

Learning to ride a horse was something of a childhood dream whereas learning to swim was the stuff of nightmares – but I did it!

I didn’t quite tick off all 40 but the remaining six challenges will just be carried over the next few months.

So now I need to rename the group – maybe ‘Emma’s crazy life’ because let’s be honest, it is a little mad at times!!

Here’s to the next adventure!!



8 thoughts on “What a year!”

  1. And what a fantastic ride it has been, loved being able to watch you having fun and making new friends and having new experiences along the way. Im looking forward to the next adventure xxx

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  2. Ello Emma
    How are things going with you ? Hope your health is doing as well as can be expected. I’m still taking every day as it comes and things ate a lot harder than I expected . Most ppl don’t understand it love getting reply’s from you it’s always nice to know how You are getting on .

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Jason x

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