2018 – what a year!

So here we are at the end of another year. A year that was full of fun, frolics and turning 40!

I had 2 MRI scans, 2 CT scans, 4 lots of bone juice (Zometa), 5 blood tests, 12 zoladex injections and a flu jab! Throw in a couple of bouts of shingles for good measure and I think I’m done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I’ve presented 27 shows on Radio Dacorum. I’ve volunteered every Thursday in my local Keech Hospice charity shop and I finally finished reading my 40 books challenge. I’ve also written a couple of guest blogs for the Huff Post.

I think it’s safe to say there’s never been a dull moment!!

January started with the flu πŸ€’ but I was soon feeling better and had signed myself up to a ‘learn to ice skate’ course – it’s a lot harder than it looks! I also conga’d my way around town (twice) with some of my lovely friends from my fb group.

February was a busy month! I went to Paris for lunch but didn’t actually have time to stop for lunch! Fell over ice skating and pulled the ligaments in my thumb but somehow (amazingly!) managed to pass my Grade 1 – I think they just wanted rid tbh 🀣. I also climbed the O2 with my children and definitely recommend it.

In March I went sledging, learnt to crochet, went to Belfast for st Paddy’s day, tricked Daisy into thinking she had a box of cornflakes for her 11th birthday and saw both of my best friends turn 40 (and used all the ‘it must be your age’ gags I could find!).

In April I got 2 new, small tattoos. Saw Sam Smith at the O2 and went on a road trip to Cornwall for a family wedding and met my nephew for the first time.

May is always momentous because it’s my cancerversay. I spent the day with a friend who taught me how to use fondant icing on cakes. I went on a relaxing spa day with Michelle and Becca. But, the highlight has to be when I was stood a few feet away from Prince Harry and Meghan at a garden party at Buckingham palace. I was nominated by Breast Cancer Now as a thank you for the support I give them.

In June, Daisy and I took part in the St Albans 1.5 mile fun run and then we did the 5k midnight walk for the Hospice of st Francis. I had 6 monthly scans and got stable results.

July was a whole month of birthday celebrations – I really eked it out 🀣

In August I went to my first ever outdoor cinema at Ashridge House and learnt the Dele Alli celebration thingy 🀣

Daisy started secondary school in September and I met the Prime Minister!

October saw me ‘Snapchat ting’ with my cat (she wasn’t impressed!), I met my new niece and started baking to raise money for the Hospice. I also filmed with ITV for ‘Lorraine’.

I had shingles again in November but I also met Callum Best at the Ideal Home Christmas Show.

December is my most favourite month of the year. I did my first ever Christmas fair selling cakes. I walked with the rotary club Father Christmas to collect money for local charities. I met Ladbaby in the cafe and I got quite drunk at the 80’s night Christmas party! I also had 6 monthly scans and got stable results.

But most of all, I’ve really enjoyed Christmas with these beauts – my children.

Phew, what a year!! And I wonder why I’m so exhausted all of the time!!

Next year is looking busy already with an adult holiday at Butlins to see Boyzone in January and George Ezra and Take That gigs at the O2.

When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea whether I’d still be here doing all these things. I didn’t know if I’d see my children grow up – Daisy start secondary school, Louis play football or Gracie flourish into the young woman she has become.

I don’t know what it is I’m doing but long may it last. I’ll be celebrating my 5 yr cancerversary in May and for that I am eternally grateful xx

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