What a weekend!

If you have read my previous blog, you’ll know that Thursday 2nd of May was my 5th cancerversary. I have been living with stage 4, metastatic breast cancer for 5 whole years. It’s quite a milestone.

This weekend, I have ‘celebrated’ in style!

Thursday saw me heading into London with my oldest Daughter, Gracie, to watch ‘Hamilton’ at the Victoria Palace Theatre. It was AMAZING!! I mean, REALLY amazing!! If you get the chance, you HAVE to go!!

Friday night I was at the O2 with a fellow ‘lifer’, Dunise, to see Take That. It was the first time I’ve seen them live and they didn’t disappoint. They were fab! It really took me back to my youth – both school days and nights spent dancing on the bar in Jumping Jacks having an in house competition between the guys in there and us from Hotshots. Never Forget was always the last song of the night and the whole bar would join in with the chorus.

Saturday night was 80’s night at Watford Colosseum. We’ve been going since 2015 and haven’t missed one yet! It’s a good excuse to dust off my tutu and leg warmers and dance the night away. I may have got a little bit tipsy but a little (or lot!) of what you fancy does you good 🤣🤣

Sunday I took my son, Louis, to his last football match of the season. I had the night before hair, a ‘skew with’ head and pink stained eyelids from my 80’s inspired make up but I made it!! I did keep my dark glasses on though 🤣 I had a restful afternoon in the cinema watching Long Shot which was hilarious.

Monday was slower paced. My brother popped in for a cuppa with his family and then I went to the cinema with Becca again – this time we saw Tolkien. I have an unlimited card so go quite a lot. It’s nice to immerse yourself in a film and forget the real world for a while.

So, I have had a fab few days. But, I’m not gonna lie – I’m absolutely shattered! I may have had a granny nap this afternoon 🤣

The next few days will be rest days. Catching up with myself. Nothing new and just a part of my life these days. We often use the ‘spoon theory’ to explain what it’s like living with a chronic illness that can leave you fatigued after doing the smallest activity. One day out usually takes a good couple of days to recover so you can imagine what 4 days has done!

Not moaning though. I’d much rather be busy and am lucky that I can still get on and live my best life. One day that will all change so until then…..

4 thoughts on “What a weekend!”

  1. Looks like you’ve had the most wonderful few days Emma! Sending hugs… and make sure you save as many spoons as possible over the next few days xxx

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